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Flowers by Month - January

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Following all the glitter, sparkles and fairylights of December, January is a fresh new start to the annual calender but in the horticultural world it is the second month of the Winter season. When I am taking down and packing away all the Christmas decor, I am planning ahead which designs I want to create to reflect January and here are a few of my favourite flowers and foliages that are available during this long and cold month.

  1. Ranunculus - Persian Buttercup, (English varieties aren't available until February) are radiant and beautiful flowers on soft stems that have cup like heads full of delicate soft petals. Available in both soft colours and strong hues of oranges, yellows and red's. My favourite to use is the Hanoi Ranunculous whish is a soft blush white.

  2. Hellebores - Lenten/ Christmas rose is not related to the rose at all! With lovely nodding heads and papery petals, the hellebore is one of the stars of the Winter season.

  3. Tulipa - Tulip is available in so many shapes and colour, with single or double petal counts, finged; parrot and lily head shapes and some also look like peonies! The French variety have tall elegant stems and large flower heads.

  4. Chamaelaucium- Wax flower has clusters of tiny scented flowers on each stem. I use it regularly in wedding designs especially for flower crowns and buttonholes. Available in white through to deep pink.

  5. Genista -Waxen wood is a lovely plant that has tiny flowers along its straight leafless stems.

  6. Anemone - Windflower has delicate paper thin flowers and grows in woodlands. It is available in a range of colours but my favourite is the deep purple.

  7. Narcissi - Daffodil really needs no introduction but did you know that it comes in over 13,000 varieties in so many combinations of white and yellow.

  8. Muscari - Grape Hyacinth is such a tiny little flower on a soft stem but is beautifully scented and is available in shades of purple and white.

  9. Salix - Pussy Willow has long red stems with small soft furry catkins running up both sides. It is a firm favourite of mine to use in hand tide bouquets, door wreaths and structural designs. It looks fabulous with large foliage and berry bouquets.

Of course, there are so many other flowers and foliages available during January, with many trees starting to develop buds creating a little optimisism of better things to come, after all we all need some optimisim!

Beautiful foliages such as Eucalyptus which is so popular, is at it's best during winter, producing gorgeous firm and lush grey green foliage. Berried varieties are beatiful and add gorgeous texture and interest to any design. Camelia leaves are also a favourite especially used in buttonholes, providing a firm and glossy leaf to adorn a lapel!

I also love to use green plants to create a fresh and healthy 'home working' environment. My favourite's are ferns, succulents and palms such as the 'Areca'. Placed in gorgeous raised containers they add a new dimension to any interior decor.

These beauties are available in the shop.


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