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Measuring Aisle Petals

Your Wedding Flowers guide

Walking up a beautiful aisle with delicate flower petals under your feet is one of those delightful touches that really makes you feel blessed. It is very romantic and becoming hugely popular especially as more wedding ceremonies take place outside. However, it is also an investment item and as such there are a few things to considr before adding it to your floral plan.

Your Venue

Firstly, it is imporant to check with your venue what they prefer you to use for example fresh, dired or silk. Most outdoor ceremonies would prefer fresh or bidoegradable with indoor ceremonies silk would be more suitable but make sure your venue is aware as someone will need to tidy them away.

If you are using a hired aisle runner, remember that fresh petals will stain and therefore silk petals would be better as you don't want to receive a bill for cleaning!

The Design

Another consideration is which design style you would like? A carpet of petals or perhaps an elaborate shape with your initials entwined? There are so many choices but remember the more elaborate, the more budget you will need.

I always find it very helpful to show the difference each amount of roses looks like, so below are the images from a study done by the team at Flirty Fleurs, based in the US which I hope you find helpful. Personally, a minimum of 3 roses per foot in 2 complimentary colours is the minimum required to create impact but it is really up to you.

The dimensions are 12 feet in length and 10" wide.

Row one - 1 Rose per Foot; 2 Roses per Foot; 3 Roses per Foot

Row two - 4 Roses per Foot; 5 Roses per Foot; 6 Roses per Foot

Row three - 7 Roses per Foot , 8 Roses per Foot

Aisle Carpet of Petals

Pictured above is a luxury aisle carpet of petals covering 2 feet wide and 12 feet long. This design requires a minimum of 100 roses.

Pricing - what to expect

Depending on the variety of flower and if fresh, dried or silk, expect to pay the retail cost of the flowers plus the time is takes to create, so a more complex design with a last minute set up outside will be more expensive.

I hope that you have found this blog helpful and if you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation please get in touch.

Happy planning

Felicity x

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