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Giving gifts that grow as wedding presents

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

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A wedding day is such a special moment in a couple’s life, celebrating with family and friends and creating memories for years to come. It is a joy to play a part in helping to shape those memories. I work so closely with my couples that it feels only right to give a gift to them to honour their day.

I have always given a small gift to brides on the day of their wedding but this year I have started a new tradition. Each couple I work with will have a tree planted in their honour, organised by the National Trust. Planting a tree feels like the perfect gift from Amega Fleur floral design. Each couple receives a Certificate with their names and confirmation that a tree has been planted in celebration of their marriage. A small token that in time will grow to have a big impact for future generations.

If you saw my recent blog post on our Environmental Working Policy, you will know that I am aware of the impact this industry can have on the environment. Over the last few years, I have increasingly been establishing ways in which we can help to mitigate this.

Things like:

· Using sustainable materials

· No single use plastics

· Recycling wherever possible

· Minimising waste

Planting a tree for my couples feels like a lovely way to give back to the environment whilst also giving a gift that will last a lifetime. Increasingly people are aware of the importance of tackling climate change, and I have had some lovely feedback from couples who have been delighted to receive this gift.

“Thank you so much for the plant a tree wedding gift. It is very thoughtful, and we are both very grateful!”

Ruby and Matt

“We love the idea of 'Plant a Tree Fund' super sustainable and gives something back to our environment. Thank you so very much"

Harriet and Rich

Trees are vital to the natural world and to us, helping to filter water, clean the air, and create habitats for so many plants and animals. Rising CO2 levels from human impact are one of the biggest contributing factors to climate change. Trees naturally remove CO2 so it’s important that there are enough trees to reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Currently, in the UK, forests cover only 12% of our land area*. When you compare this to Europe where forests make up 47% of their land cover, we have a long way to go to improve.

The National Trust is aiming to plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030. Even just one tree helps towards that aim and will help nature to thrive for generations to come. By gifting a tree in honour of each of our couples, we are hopeful that soon Amega Fleur floral design will have created a small forest.


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