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Funeral flowers

A beautiful way to say farewell ...


Designed with love ...

Saying farewell to a loved one is an incredibly difficult and emotional time for all.  I have a very deep understanding of this following the passing of my eldest sister when I was only 21.  She was very young herself and the outpouring of love and emotion was incredible.  The day itself was a haze however what I do remember very clearly were the flowers.  I discovered that they became such a focus and comfort, enabling people to express their thoughts and emotions with tributes and cards.  This very personal experience enlightened me into why we create such beauty during a time of heartache and how healing flowers are in providing the final tribute and poinient goodbye.

I have created many tributes in honour of loved ones and would be happy to meet with you at your home, at my studio or with your chosen Funeral Director at a time that is convenient for you.

Delivered with care...

All my flowers are fresh and purchased by myself to create the designs for you. I personally deliver and place the designs either onto your loved ones casket or into the hurse.  I liaise with your chosen Funeral director to ensure that they are delivered at the correct location and time.

I also offer the opportunity for the large family flowers to be returned to me and I will personally recreate them into small posies to be given to guests at the wake.

To find out more about our funeral flowers, or to order a bespoke arrangement, take a look at our funeral flowers page.


Coffin or Casket Spray


Coffin or Caskets sprays are usually chosen by the family, they are placed on the top of the coffin. The entire top of the coffin is filled with this design. There are many options available in both the flower choices and colour schemes for this tribute and we will be pleased to discuss personal preferences to ensure this design is the perfect tailor-made tribute.

Funeral Spray

Funeral sprays are a very popular tribute. They come in both double ended (an elongated diamond or leaf type shape) or single ended (teardrop type design). It’s very appropriate for anyone to send this style of tribute, and it can be made with a selection of flowers, and in many colour schemes.

Coffin or Casket Tribute.

This includes the casket spray as described above, but there are also a range of designs that can be placed on the coffin top that are different shapes and styles, some include a modern feel that might be appropriate for the family to select.


Posy arrangements are often smaller designs, and often sent as a tribute from a child. They can be a selection of flowers either created as a traditional tied design, or as a contemporary posy arrangement. The design is created so it can be viewed perfectly from all angles.

Posy base

Posy base is an adaptation from posies made on a base and can be larger than a standard posy arrangement. Similar to the standard posy, they can be created with different flowers. They can also be a ‘based design’ where a mass of closely bonded flowers are used and arranged to the frame to give a uniform look that quite special, the addition of a small arrangement over the based flowers finishes the design beautifully.



A Wreath is a circular design with a hollow centre. These come in a variety of sizes and can be described as “Loose” which means a variety of flowers are used, making the overall design look natural and textured. A “Based” design uses the same flower in close order to create a smoother look.


Lettering can be used to display a personal message, usually ordered by close family to say your connection to the deceased. Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandad and so on. These letters come on a frame and stand up to be displayed.


Crosses come in different sizes and styles and are often used as a religious symbol.


Hearts come in a full design or with a hollow centre. These can be of various sizes and used as a symbol of love.

Where are flowers delivered to?

Funeral Directors

In most instances, tribute deliveries are directed to the funeral director prior to the funeral, this is recommended wherever possible and allows the undertakers to arrive at the funeral destination with the flowers and the coffin together. Most often deliveries are directed to the funeral directors where the deceased may be at rest prior to the funeral service. Delivery to a funeral director is recommended wherever possible as most of the flowers will be delivered to the undertakers allowing them to arrive at the service or home address together with the coffin. We usually deliver at least 2 hours before the funeral takes place.

A residential address

If you require that your funeral tribute be delivered to a residential address it is best to make sure that there will be somebody available to receive the delivery at the designated time. It is often the case that the funeral procession will leave from the designated delivery address, the funeral flowers may well be displayed for those in attendance prior to the procession leaving for the funeral service destination.

Church / crematorium / place of worship

It is often encouraged to avoid sending funeral tributes directly to a place of worship, church or crematorium. There may not be someone available to receive the flowers or some confusion regarding where the flowers should be left. 

What type of message is sent with the flowers?

Funeral tribute and sympathy card messages can be difficult to compose during such a sad time and we would recommed using just a few words of heartfelt sentiment which is always appreciated by the family. 

The following are a few examples that may help you write your own message:

  • With love and fond memories of (name of deceased) from (Your name)

  • In loving memory of a dear friend, with love (Your name)

  • Dearest (name of deceased), May you rest in peace. Love from (Your name)

  • With deepest sympathy from (Your name)

  • Our hearts are filled with sorrow. Rest in Peace Love from (Your name)

  • (Name of deceased) you will always be in our hearts and minds Lots of Love (Your name)

  • Now at peace with you loved ones, fond memories, your friend, (Your name)

What information do you require and when should I order?

We order flowers in specifically for each client and therefore require a minimum of 3 days notice.

When ordering, either online or directly we will ask the following information:

  • The name of the deceased

  • The address of the funeral director or residential address

  • A funeral or sympathy card message to accompany your tribute

Please feel free to contact us directly on 01206 383387 or click below for a selection of our online tributes.

The following are some areas for considerations when ordering your flowers...

There are so many different designs, which would you recommend?

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