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Blooming ideas for your wedding in 2018

For the last few years, mason jars, chalkboards, floral crowns and everything ‘rustic’ has been the number one trend in wedding florals and like all trends they evolve and develop.  This year there are a number of new themes which are more luxurious, abundant and romantic.

Lush greenery

I love foliage.  It comes in all shades of colour from grey through to the deepest of greens and has so much variation that you can create beautiful bouquets, table centres, hanging designs and garlands full of texture and colours. Eucalyptus and herbs such as rosemary and lavender provide gorgeous smells so not only will they look amazing they will smell gorgeous too. So if you are looking for a woodland or natural feel to your wedding consider lush greens such as sage; ferns; hops; lambs ears and eucalyptus.

Image from bride.com


Hanging designs such as swings, hoops and chandeliers

The last few years following Kim K’s wedding the flower wall provided a gorgeous photographic backdrop and an incredible ‘wow’ but this year the trend towards a fairy-tale and romantic atmosphere is seeing more lavish floral displays above tables and aisles with ideas such as a floral swings, chandeliers and moon arches being included.

Photo by Ayshea Goldberg

Navy blue is the new black

Blue especially the bright blue has been very popular and continues to be so but a deeper more navy blue is set to take over. There are no true-blue flowers but that doesn’t mean that blue cannot be incorporated into floral designs through the use of coloured ribbons, jewellery and accent items such as vases and wedding attire.


Floral hoops

Back in the 1980’s the flower girl hoops were very popular, and this trend is back, but are more romantic, softer and smaller in size. They are not only for flower girls, but also as an alternative to the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids too. However, unlike the 1980’s, there are no matching flower crowns!

Photo by Robyn Van Dyke Photography


The woodland feel is enchanting and romantic. Natural materials such as wood, moss, succulents and branches are all used along with seed pods and planted containers of ferns used on mass to create a very lavish, romantic, earthy and natural atmosphere.


Image from weddingomania.com

 Mauve and ultra violet

Ultra violet is the pantone colour of 2018, so if you want to be bang on trend this is the colour for you.  There are a vast number of purple shades and if ultra violet, which is very strong isn’t for you then mauve, amethyst or plum would be a good choice and still be on trend. Flowers such as lisianthus; alliums, freesias, alstromeria; vanda orchids; cala lilies; roses and alstromeria to name a few have a variety of purple shades which look beautiful in bouquets and floral designs.  Ultra violet can be incorporated in other ways such as the grooms wedding attire, napkins, ribbons and candles.