When great design & flowers simply aren’t enough…

This year has been even busier for me – which is great news and I’m really proud of the designs that I have created for my fabulous clients, but I wanted to share some thoughts on a few of my recent projects where I have gone the extra mile to make designs more personal and when great design and flowers simply weren’t enough …..

We all read a lot about the ‘Millennial’ generation or the ‘youngsters’ and the way in which they buy online and research every detail of their event. They want the best but it must be personal and symbolic to them and include memories. I have really seen this come through in the weddings that I have done this year. Whilst the simple, elegant bouquets and table centers are still very much in demand, as is the vintage theme, I am now being asked to include items large and small, to make the wedding flowers more personal than ever – highlighting the memories that are so special to the happy couple, and I have a strong feeling that this trend will continue as this generation take the plunge and get married.

So, what might your typical Millennial look to incorporate into their wedding flowers? Well, I am certain that each will be very different and very special to them, so as a florist, we need to be able and willing to create something that uses these personal items/memories and build the floral design around it. This is great for those of us who love the design process and creating unique designs.

As an example, I was asked by a fabulous couple who were having their wedding at the wonderful West Mersea Vineyard to incorporate elements of the sea and beach along with the vineyard within their theme. They also had travelled the world and wanted to include their memories of a wonderful trip they had to New Zealand but the design itself was up to me. How do you capture those memories into the design? After numerous cups of tea during our consultations we finally settled on the idea of using driftwood sourced from the area of New Zealand they loved! Thanks to a few phone calls, my floral friends on FB and Google, I managed to track some down here in the UK and a quick drive around the M25 found a rather large container full of some wonderful pieces to work with and all from New Zealand!

Each piece of driftwood was completely unique so each design varied in shape and size. The flowers and foliages including grasses I chose reflected their delicate colour scheme and the shapes and colours reflected those you would find on a coral reef. To incorporate the vineyard we used a variety of blue bottles on alternate guest tables, along with shells and sand. The effect was gorgeous.20160521_140002

The result, as you can see from the above pictures was something very different and not your typical table centers. The bride and groom loved them, so much so that I was asked to also dress a family lunch to be held at the West Mersea Yacht Club the following day.

So, I am looking forward to all the wonderful ideas and memories to incorporate in designs to come – and long may couples look for something that really matters to them and not something that comes from a catalogue!

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